Katsuhiko Mori  Japanese national Living in Japan
森 勝彦

When I was in high school, my friend advised me to take a picture of a Japanese ptarmigan. A few years later, I was fascinated by Japanese ptarmigan and its magnificent habitat and had a hard time taking pictures of Japanese ptarmigan. And my goal was to publish the photo 10 years after it was taken.

I read the literature on Japanese ptarmigan and went to their habitat to understand how they lived. Also, I was glad that I could see various figures in front of me. As a result, I was able to film a behavior that was not recorded in the past.

I was able to realize my dream of publishing a photo book 10 years after the first shooting, which was the original goal, but before that, I could realize a photo exhibition once and realize the basics of photographic expression at a photo gallery. It was. I learned something important. Thank you very much.

I was very happy to join the NHK BS Japanese Ptarmigan Show later.

In addition to the pictures, I did a business trip class at an elementary school. I told my kids about Japanese ptarmigan. I enjoyed my time with my children.

At present, I named my self-made unmanned automatic sensor camera as "Mr. Robot" and developed remote photography that challenged Japanese ptarmigan to take pictures of satoyama creatures. I think it is based on Japanese ptarmigan shooting experience.

I made a website for Japanese Ptarmigan like this, and I would be happy if I could convey the lively charm of Japanese ptarmigan on this website.

Japanese ptarmigan now lives in a very harsh environment due to global warming and alpine ecosystem problems. Japanese Ptarmigan is endangered. Depending on human wisdom and way of life, the Japanese ptarmigan may be saved. Among them, what I can do is to broadly show the existence and the current state of Japanese ptarmigan with photographs. I want many people to notice the charm of Japanese ptarmigan and feel the message of the photo.


Tateyama Murodo Provided photographs such as grouse for the new construction project of the Tateyama Nature Conservation Center.


Founding member of "Japan Grouse Friendship Society, Cloud Feather"

Japan's first national level nationwide grouse lovers group launched


11th Thunderbird Conference Ishikawa Tournament Executive Committee

Member of Japan Natural Science Photography Association

Born 1963 Living in Japan Japanese nationality

​When I was aiming to continue shooting only ptarmigan

​Photo exhibition history


​Tokyo &Nagoya & Sapporo


Tokyo & Osaka






Many other events such as the Omachi Mountain  Museum , Takaoka Art Museum , Ishikawa Zoo , Japanese Ptarmigan Conference etc

Miracle bird Japanese Ptarmigan (kiseki no tori raicho) 

Yama to Keikokusha1997

Japanese Natural Monument Ptarmigan (nihon no tennenkinenbutu raicho)

Shogakukan 2002

Japanese Ptarmigan-Messenger of the Gods (raichokamigami no sisha

TECS 2010

Japanese Ptarmigan love story - 

 I can't lose (raisho aijyo monogatari-boku makenaiyo)

parade 2012


​Web serialization



" SATOYAMA JAPAN " by photographer Katsuhiko Mori x "Animal Crossing"




Received the 1st Iwago Mitsuaki Award Grand Prize

Impressed by the breath of nature and the ecology of Japanese ptarmign !




「立山室堂地域におけるライチョウ(lagopus mutus japonicus CLARK)のテリトリーについて」    鶴田総一郎桜井信夫千羽晋示自然教育園報告第一号(1969)

「ライチョウの生物学/ 『野鳥』 442号」湯浅純考日本野鳥の会(1983)

「高山帯で生きぬく/ 『動物たちの地球17』」湯浅純考朝日新聞社(1991)


​「日本の天然記念物 ライチョウ」 写真 森勝彦ほか 監修 中村浩志 小学館編(2002)

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