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There are currently 17 species of Ptarmigan companions on the earth, and the ones that inhabit the central mountains of Japan are endemic to Japan, also known as the Japanese Ptarmigan, which is also known as a subspecies of the scientific name ( Lagopusu Muta ). Causes the color of the wings to change. English name is Ptarmigan. By the way, the English name Grouse is a different species that does not change the color of its wings.

What once lived in the Arctic Circle spread southward to the vicinity of Japan during the Ice Age and spread its habitat. However, at the end of the 20,000-year-old ice age, it is the Japanese Ptarmigan that has been left behind so that it may flee to the summit of the Japanese Alps over the years as the average temperature rises. Because of that, Japanese Ptarmigan  is also called a living fossil. Alpine plants also look like they have been left behind in the Japanese Alps.

Although alpine plants that have followed the same fate have become important baits for Japanese Ptarmigan, it is said that alpine plants will not be able to adapt to the temperature rise due to recent global warming and will become extinct. In short, the Japanese Ptarmigan and alpine plants are destined communities, and although it escapes to the summit and lives together, what is the irony behind it?

But not all are weak, but Japanese Ptarmigan. No other animal can imitate the life of Japanese Ptarmigan, which is suitable for the extremely cold environment where the temperature is below -20℃. From that, it can be said that he is truly the champion of Japan's alpine cloud. The tip of the toes is covered with feathers and does not freeze. It also has sharp claws and can grasp the icy ground even on a crusted snow surface, changing the color of its wings depending on the season to deceive the enemy and protect themselves. The image of the Japanese Ptarmigan I have is endlessly strong. The lonely bird Japanese Ptarmigan lives by demonstrating its greatness as a champion on the cloud.


People have always worshiped such alpine birds as god's birds. I feel that I was moved by the noble life and changed my outlook on life. Yes, I was obsessed with such Japanese Ptarmigan. However, it seems that Japanese Ptarmigan that attracts many people and does not stop is not so interested in humans. The bird on the cloud is still somewhere different.


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